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Re: A4 climate control gripes

This is an enDearing Audi FeaTure (DAFT) that has existed in the
automatic climate control since they started, as far as I know.  There
is some wisdom in the compressor not turning on when it's too cold out,
but I've never been able to figure out why they would require the
compressor to be on for the recirculate to work.  Someday I'm going to
rip the damn thing out and see if there's an easily reprogrammable chip
in there to make it work!  I wouldn't mess too much with the A/C minimum
temperature limit, though.  If you want to, there was a little
discussion about it a few months back--check the archives.  Let me know
if you can't find it, I'll see if I saved some of it.



Thai Tjen wrote:
> after almost 2 months with the '98 A4 avant, the climate control
> is the most gripes i have. on a cold and rainy day, the A/C refuses
> to turn on (the A4 manual doesn't say so, but the A6's says that
> the A/C won't operate below 34-F). so the windows get fogged up.
> no amount of defrosting is good/fast enough to defog them.
> turning on the A/C on a rainy day is the most effective way
> to-date that i know of to keep the windows from fogging up.
> the same problem comes up when i drive past a dead skunk and
> i can't recirculate the air in the cabin since the AC won't
> come up (again, on a cold day). so i'd just have to pinch my
> nose and accelerate as fast as i can/dare. i can't imagine
> getting pulled over by a cop for speeding and my excuse would
> be "errr... officer, my car's climate control s*cks! i can't
> stand the smell of a skunk!".
> is this just my wife's car? or is this a software bug from audi?
> or the climate-control designers just didn't get it?
> /thai
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