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Re: Airbox Mod

The airbox in the 93 90 is a reasonable size, but the intake for it is
this pitiful 1.5" tube that connects to a box surrounding the right side
headlight.  IMO an aweful way to collect air, though you can be sure
it's cool!  Anyway, since the dealer installed the front license plate
holder so that they could put a little advertisement for themselves in
it, I figured that might be an interesting place to get more air.

Route the air intake duct down a little, then into the front bumper. 
(next part not for the weak of wills or pocketbooks) Next cut a hole in
the front license plate holder and a corresponding one in the front
bumper.  Mount the air intake to this hole!  Then probably you would
want to get some kind of rigid screen to put over it, for cosmetic
reasons as well as keeping some of the bugs away.

Note I haven't tried this, and don't plan to!  I have aweful visions of
$500 bumpers dancing in my head (for times 1 and 2 when I hopelessly
screw up and break it in half!)


Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:
> >The airbox mod you describe(drilling holes) has been around for sometime now!
> >Some will swear it works, others claim "no gains" from such a mod!
> IMHO, it works somewhat in colder weather but makes things worse in hotter
> weather because while it allows the motor to draw in air more freely, that
> air is heated by the exhaust manifold nearby ... in this case, however, the
> car may *seem* quicker due to the increased intake noise but in fact is
> slower.  (BTW, if you're into that sort of thing, the intake "noise" sounds
> pretty neat!)
> A better solution for basically stock engines (where the airbox is able to
> provide more than enough air) is to remove the hot-air thermostat and duct
> cold air from the front of the car ... this will make a difference that you
> may be able to notice and has few drawbacks save perhaps for some rough
> running in colder weather.  With a bit of work, you can also install the
> nozzle from an '84 or '85 non-turbo 5k as this splits into two ducts and
> makes it easier to attach a hose (VW Beetle heater tubes work great!) than
> the stub left when the thermostat's been removed.  It's not easy to fit all
> this stuff onto a turbo car but it CAN be done with some cleverness...
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