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Re: it's all in the tires!

At 11:10 PM 1/12/98 -0800, you wrote:
>it was under these conditions that i found my snow tires to really excel
>in.  perhaps they are not as well rounded in ability as the more recent
>offerings but for heavy snow and loose stuff they were incredible in being
>able to excavate large volumes of snow from the contact patch. 


I must concur and add that our V8 with 205/55/16 Hakka 1's on 16x7 37mm
offset A8 wheels did wonderfully over the past few days.  On Sunday, day
two of the storm, we had to plow (using the front spoiler of the V8) up
Logie Trail and Beck Rd. to our house.  This is through 6"-12" of snow and
drifts.  Yesterday our road was plowed, so it was a fun trip on top of
packed snow.  This morning it was glare ice coupled with the steep hills in
Southwest Portland.

The Hakka 1's have done superb.  They even are quiet on dry pavement!
There were many a car and SUV that could not make it up the hill to our
office this morning.  My boss has an A4 quattro with the all stock season
tires.  He slid some but made it in.  I had no sliding at all except for
some purposeful playing!

Many thanks go out to all the listers who recommended the Hakka 1's over
the Blizzaks!