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Re: Cabin Fever - q rights content only

>>> "Matt & Jenai" <matjen@xsite.net> 01/13/98 01:33AM >>>
>>>Although I appreciate the intent behind your recent post on this
subject, it seems to me that you have glossed over the real issue at
the heart of this
thread.  The post to Phil went WAY over the line.<<<

I don't see any "real issue" here, at least not any quattro list
issue.  Let's assume the post went WAY over the line---the post was to
Phil, how did it get on the list?  Phil.  Now, with all this talk of
harrassing, verbal abuse, threats and bs like that, let me pose a
question:  If Eric violated some "right" by saying "sh^t" in a post,
and should be sanctioned for it, what is due Phil, since he reposted
the word to like what, a 1,000 people?  Remember the goose and the

>>> It seems obvious to me that Phil made this post to point out that
another lister was using a form of economic coercion to muzzle him. 
The result:  Phil's post highlighted the problem and responded in

I think it is obvious why Phil posted what he did.  It has no
relevancy to anything being talked about on the list.  He posted it to
get even in his own way.  We call it a harpoon.  Irrelevant info [ie.,
asking a victim of sexual assault how many other men she has slept
with], used to change the disinterested viewer's perception of the
person in question.  Does it work?  Well, I can't do it
professionally, so evidently someone thinks it does.  

>>>The tone of your post seems to imply that Phil and QSHIPQ are being
 too sensitive<<<

It was my point, not just my tone:)

>>> The e-mail was meant to bully and intimidate and it used economic
threats and action as a means for enforcement.<<<

You have just described 95% of the parent / teenager relationships in
this country:)  

>>> This type of action has a chilling effect on discourse<<<

Afraid my mailbox proves the contrary.

>>>P.S.  Bruce, does Eric have you on retainer or is he a case study
regard to the fascinating human condition ;-)<<<

HAHAHAHA.  No, I don't work on a retainer for anyone.  My study of the

"human condition" is just what happens during some days.  Most
fascinating thing happening here is a guy gets a post that supposedly
offends him.  Fine, Eric, bad boy.  What does the guy do then?  Posts
supposedly offensive post to a public forum, so what, 1,000 people can
get offended?  That is rich.