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Re: Surprised (was why dealer's suck)

AudiJeep <AudiJeep@aol.com> wrote:

>I few weeks back I posted that while I had my '92 100S in for the airbag
>recall, the dealer broke my dash lighting, and put a large chip in my door.
>The dealer agreed to repaint the entire door, repair the interior lighting,
>and give me a loaner while the work is being completed. I dropped the car off
>this morning, and was expecting some little Mazda or Toyota as a loaner. When
>the service manager handed me the keys to a silver '97 A6, I was a bit
>surprised. So what type of loaners does your local dealer usually give you?

Yes, I was pleasantly surprised, too- I got a nice Golf Cabriolet 1.8 as a
loaner, while I expected a base-spec Polo or Golf. I've driven all kinds of
loaners in the past, ranging from fifteen-year-old zillion-mile diesel
Golfs looking like the inside of McDonalds' trash can to brand-new A4s.

It's a wasted chance to sell you a better car when the dealer puts you in a
downmarket or other-make car, IMO. After two days with the Golf, I was
pretty impressed with it. And here's another thought- what if you like the
loaner Toyota so much (heaven forbid!) that you go to the local Toyota
dealer and buy one? Smart move on the Audi dealer's part- not.


PS In the dark, the damage to my car looked like it had been repaired
decently. It got rid of all the accumulated scratches and chips around the
lock (previous owner was Stevie Wonder?) and they even remembered to make
the lock fit my old key. Now for the big test- how does it look in daylight?