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Nothelle Products

Bruce in this group asked me in APRIL to forward the address for 
the distributor of Nothelle products which had located in 
Bryan/College Station, Texas.  I just found both his message and 
the phone number.  Sorry for the delay!

Call Evolution Tuning at 409/693-0257.  I don't think they've moved, 
but they were in a "business incubator" last spring.  They 
also show a number of 691-2039, same area code.  If #1 doesn't work, 
#2 should. As I understand it, these guys distribute Nothelle 
products across the entire US.

Al Powell                        Voice:  409/845-2807
107 Reed McDonald Bldg.          Fax:    409/862-1202
College Station, TX 77843