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Re: Air box mods (long)

 # Lastly, in the world of the capri mailing list there has been recent talk about
 # swapping fuel distributor units around. Apart from the fact that you'd need to
 # swap a 6 cyl unit (they were talking about BMW 535's I htink) I thought that the
 # shape of the bore of the fuel metering unit was tailored to the fuelling 
 # requirements of the car in question and would not be compatible out of
 # context. The reason for the suggestion is that a ROver 6 cyl unit was supposed
 # to have a larger initial bore than the unit fitted to the capri and would thus
 # flow more air. This is irrelevant for the 5cyl Audi unit but I thought you may 
 # be interested anyway.
Actually it is the shape of the cone in the airflow sensor that is adjusted 
for the fueling requirements of the engine in question.  The fuel metered vs. 
displacement of the metering piston is a linear relationship (i.e. how much 
of the slit is exposed).  The other thing you may wish to note is that the 
fuel distributor on all the I5s I've seen actually has room for a sixth 
injector.  I don't see any reason why you couldn't adapt a 6-cylinder FD to 
your I5 by simply blocking off one of the outlets.  

All that said, it isn't clear to me that the FD makes that much of a dif-
ference ... I've heard that actually using higher flow injectors (like from 
MBz) can help with fueling problems ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)