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Magazine articles

Boys and Girls,

The Feb. issue of 'Performance Car' should be of interest to everyone
here.  Cover story is 'True Grip - the 4wd legends fight it out'. 
Skyline v quattro v Impreza v Cosworth v Integrale.  Covers 12 pages
(loadsa pics, total text about 1 page).  There also an article called
'The rise and fall of four-wheel drive', another article called '4
better or worse' which compares the A6 and the A6Q.
Another article called 'Thriller B's' a look back at the group B cars.
Another article called 'Mission Accomplished', a write up on the BTCC
A4quattro.  Another article called 'Velvet Hammer', this one is a long
term test special on the A4 2.8q and finally an article called 'Rowdy
Audi' about Kim Collins' 428bhp 4x4 cabriolet.   All in all a great
issue for Audi fans.

George Harrison
County Kildare,

'85 ur-q
'86 80 Sport