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Re: Cabin Fever - q rights content only

1/13/98 4:17 AM phil@isham-research.demon.co.uk

>It's silly to post abuse from, of all things, an AOL account.

un hunh whatever you say guy

>It's even sillier to include four-letter words of which AOL disapproves.

hmmmmm  I did'nt see sh*t on the no-no list

>Sillier yet is including a threat to mailbomb from an AOL account.

I never said mailbomb just that I would return content-less post that you 
send right back to you
>It's breathtakingly stupid to actually set up such an automated mailbomb, 
>that four copies of everything your victim writes are sent back to his email 

Hmmm interesting, seems you and another lister claim to know so much 
about what other people have done....... trust me your not worth that 
much work

>But actually mailbombing your victim with multiple copies of his complaint 
>your ISP can only be interpreted as a request to have your account 

whatever guy get a life.  Your only wasting my time, your time, your 
money and bandwitdh


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
'87 5KCSTQ with WAY too many toys.....

According to Einstein, the faster you go, the longer you live.

St. Louis, MO