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Re: US driving permit tests too easy

Ohio has changed the drivers licence/permit requirements.  Now you can be 15.5
yrs to get the permit.  You have to be with a parent, guardian, or instructor
to drive, tho (instead of anyone w/licence).  At 16, you get a probationary
licence until you get 50 hours behind the wheel.  One would also have to have
24 hours of classroom time.  I would have benefitted from this (maybe) because
after having my licence to 1 month, i wrecked my mom's 5ks on a rainy day (no
ABS, bald tires, not trying to make excuses) when making a left hand turn on a
very crowned road.  I had to foot the bill, tho.  Let's see, if all teens had
to foot _every_  bill, maybe they wouldn't be such aweful drivers...

-Eric Ferguson