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Thanks to all - was Euro driving tips

To all who provided info about driving in Europe, THANKS.
Your combined comments/suggestions indicate Europeans
(with noted exceptions) seem to follow the basic rules of the road
more so than here in the States.

And as I mentioned to one lister, I'm taking my Made in USA
red-haired radar detector (actually, speed warning device) along.
When Pam sees speedos reach 75, she starts urgently reminding
the driver about loss of license, or body parts.  Oughta be fun
adjusting her to km/hr.

Anyhow, thanks again, and I'll keep a log of Euro Style Road Rage,
if an examples present themselves.

AUDI CONTENT -  Can't wait to see Audis' unfettered by USDOT
doing that road thing.

BTW - My boss lives in Stans, CH.  He drives a 97 Pontiac SSE.
Go figure.  Now I just need to convince him his American VP "needs"
an Audi:-)

MJ Murphy
89 100 (hope the battery doesn't die while I'm gone)