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Re: Bearings for 016 man. gearbox

Mon, 05 Jan 1998 I wrote:
> Anyone who can tell me the size(OD,ID,H) of the two conical roller
> bearings that holds the differential in an 016 manual gearbox?

Thanks for the response so far;)

Chris Semple wrote:
>Front Diff Carrier: 
>Rear Diff Carrier:
>Left-dunno, anyone?
>Those trade numbers are good for any 016 trans through '91.

SCott wrote:
>Not sure of the sizes, but I bought my diff bearings for like 10 bucks >each from a local bearing place, I can Give you some numbers to cross >tomarrow..

My local bearings dealers(FAG and SKF) both says that they can't match
these numbers. They say that these automotive bearings, only can be
purchased through the Audi-dealer?!?.
Going to do some more call's on that one... 

I am still interested in dimensions, as I going to make myself a special
tool for extraction of the outer rings.

Regards and TIA,
Flemming Christensen