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Torsen bind-up?

 -=> Quoting Kershner Wyatt <=-

 KW> Anyone else get to hear their car shudder a bit when starting to move
 KW> in a tight turn, especially on damp pavement.  Not all the time, but
 KW> definitely when under moderate power.  Example is stopping the car,
 KW> then doing a full lock turn into a parking place, while accelerating
 KW> slightly.

 KW> I'm sure the car is not doing anything nasty, and the torsen is trying
 KW> to figure out where to send the power.  But...

 KW> Car is an 96 A6 Quattro wagon.

      My 1990 V8Q does the exact same thing. While on wet
      cement surface (ie. parking garages) the front tire
      will "sing" a little.  I asked several torsen experts
      and they told me it's normal.


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