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Re: Xenon lights vs. projector beams (longish)

It is primarily driven by cost. Since high-beams are rarely used in day to
day driving conditions, manufacturers are not willing to incur additional
costs. This is changing, to an extent, in that there are systems in the
works that would use one Xenon capsule as the light source with fiber optic
cables running the light to the reflectors. The benefit here being that you
could reduce the number of ballasts, high voltage starters and electronic
control units to 1. Also in 1998 Bosch's Litronic (their proprietary name
for HID systems) will include a Xenon capsule that can alternate the arc
between two different positions. This is called bifunction litronic and is
predicated on the same principle that one H4 bulb in the proper reflector
can be used as both a low and high beam.

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>Thank you for the very informative post.  It is my understanding the HID
>systems are limited to the low beams only.  Why is this so?