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Re: Yo, Thomas, about those Colorado drivers.

>>  Always signal!
>> Why?  There's no one around to see your signal.
>You're never *certain* of that.

I live so far out in the boondocks that people who live in the boondocks
think *I* live out in the boondocks.  When you drive out in the boonies
like I do almost all the time you *can* be certain whether another car
within seeing distance.  I don't deny that signaling is not just a good
idea but essential in traffic, even light traffic.  But...  I can drive for
miles and not even see another car - even coming the *other* direction.  It
is common for me to drive fifty miles and see perhaps one or two other
cars.  Under these circumstances, signalling makes absolutely no sense.
Granted, it does no damage, but it is simply *not* necessary.

Tell me, if a tree falls in the woods when no one is there to hear it fall,
does it make any noise?  This is the same sort of silly question.

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