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No Subject

If you are truly seeking HID Xenon's there are three sources that I know of
for after-market auxiallry lamps:

Hella 4000 HID motorsport is a large lamp, 8.75 dia, 6.5 deep, and a little
over 9" tall, available in a driving beam (range 3000') and a pencil beam
(range 4200'). And they only cost, are you ready, $1,320.00 for the set!
What a bargain.

PIAA 990 HID driving, 3.75 H, 4.25 W, 4 deep, and last I checked $1,200.00
to $1,300.00.

Finally Dick Cepak makes a set but as I am not huge on their lights I have
no other info.


I am a lighting idiot.  Your post was great info.
Question:  Has anyone used any of the aftermarket Xenon lamps on theroad?
I have looked at the Hella's [price has come way down since new], and
the PIAA small Xenon lights.  I like the size of the PIAA'a, dunnoabout the
price.  Can anyone out there buy these lights wholesale?  Willing tolet
you make a little money off of me here:)Thnanks,Bruce