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FS: 89 200tqw & 91 200t

Hi folks,
    I stopped by my local VW performance shop today and behold, two very
interesting Q's for sale:

(1) 1989 200q wagon, gray, 120K. Asking price $7495. 

(2) 1991 200t Pearl White, 119K, $7500.

Greg, the co-owner, seems very desperate to sell the 1989. I didn't have an
opportunity to drive it, but the only noticeable flaw is a slightly rippled
rear-side window molding. He specifically asked me if I knew anyone
interested in it. 

The 1991 Greg says has a stack of maintainance records from the dealer in
Atlanta where he got the car. He claims that if he can't find someone who
wants to pay the $7500, then he's gonna keep it for himself. The car itself
looks gorgeous. 

I noticed a 4000csq on the lot, but didn't ask about it nor did he mention
it to me.
I believe all three cars are from his wholesaler in Atlanta.. thereby
meaning a friendlier climate than up here in the NE. 

Greg can be reached at:

Clayton's Autobahn
3821 State Street
Schenectady, NY 12304
Ph: (518) 382-9151

BTW, Schenectady borders Albany NY. 

Also, I have no financial interest in the sale of these cars. I work for
the dealer up the road from Autobahn. However, Greg is a friend of mine and
it might help to mention my name when you call him. Autobahn is run and
owned by very friendly "car guys,"  not salesmen. Greg himself is the one
who does the majority of restoration/repair to the VWs and Audis he sells. 
Usual disclaimers apply.. yadda..yadda...

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K