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re: loaner and airbag recall


It's a wasted chance to sell you a better car when the dealer puts you in a

downmarket or other-make car, IMO. After two days with the Golf, I was

pretty impressed with it. And here's another thought- what if you like the

loaner Toyota so much (heaven forbid!) that you go to the local Toyota

dealer and buy one? Smart move on the Audi dealer's part- not.>>>

I just brought my '91 200 in for the airbag recall at Pass & Weiss in
Burlington, MA.  Dropped it for the day; finished by around 2pm; I requested a
loaner, and got a '92 chevy corsica auto.  Makes you really appreciate your
audi all the more when you get it back!!!!  No noticeable difference in the
200 from when I dropped it off; just as I wanted.  (no missing paint, dirty
interior, or even extra miles on the odometer).
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com, '91 200q