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Re: Lock Freeze

> I think the locks on my '86 4kcsq feeze too easily.  Any solution for this?
> Also, the rear deck lock is very finicky lately.  It often will not latch when
> shut and is difficult to turn the key.

I recently squirted some powdered graphite (cheap & easy @ autoparts
stores) into a few locks around here.  Noticed much easier key operation
at first but it seems to have faded a bit.  Hard to tell...

I don't think this will help the freeze up, though.  Try keeping them
dry and keeping them warm?  I often won't lock my door if conditions are
weird, just in case.  

You should try cleaning and lubing your trunk lock mechanism.  Clean
with WD-40 or whatever, lube with lithium I guess.  Any better ideas?

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe