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Re: Yo, Thomas, about those Colorado drivers.

> >>  Always signal!
> >>
> >> Why?  There's no one around to see your signal.
> >
> >You're never *certain* of that.
> I live so far out in the boondocks that people who live in the boondocks
> think *I* live out in the boondocks.  When you drive out in the boonies
> like I do almost all the time you *can* be certain whether another car
> within seeing distance.

My point is still valid.  At any time, any place, another vehicle could
pop up from nowhere.  Sure, I spend a lot of time on empty roads at
night, too, my only justifaction for speed testing my favorite chicane
at night is "I can tell if someone else is coming" by their headlights,
but I'm still tempting fate.

Someone mentioned habit versus "rational thought".  I prefer habit when
it comes to basic driving safety - like buckling up.  Frees my brain to
deal with less predictable hassles.  Always signaling may seem silly,
but when your mind is elsewhere, you're tired, or forget to check for
other cars (like the guy behind you with his lights off!) it's nice to
have a good safe habit to fall back on.

> Tell me, if a tree falls in the woods when no one is there to hear it fall,
> does it make any noise?  This is the same sort of silly question.

You know, I almost appended to my original post "If a tree falls on a
Quattro in the middle of the forest, will it turn up on the Q list?".
(obligatory Audi refernce?)

I'm not attacking your not using signals when you judge them unnecessary
- just coming down on the side of prudence.

Sorry to all for the fairly low (like zero?) Audi content...

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe