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Re: A4 climate control gripes

Josh Pinkert wrote:
> At 10:05 PM 1/13/98 -0500, Tom Haapanen wrote:
> >My A4 allows me to turn on recirc even when the heater is on (which it
> >is pretty much all the time right now!).  Could this be a change from
> >'97 to '98?
> Hmm...my '98 doesn't allow me to do this.  I wish, though :D

Recirculation *is not* disabled by the heater; it *is* disabled when the
compressor is not running. So, if it's warm enough outside ( > ~35 deg.
for the A/C compressor to run, but for the heat to be on inside, you
engage recirculation.

Once the outside temp. drops low enough that the compressor is shut off,
then recirculation is disabled.

As I understand it, this was done to prevent the windows from fogging
(due to
excess moisture build-up inside without drying effect of A/C and lack of
outside air).

However, it has the annoying side-effect of not letting you engage
to avoid asphixiation by dead skunks, traffic jams in tunnels, etc.

Of course, many also cure the inability to engage the A/C compressor in
cold weather to defrost the windows, too...

1993 90CS 63k