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Re: A4 climate control gripes

Dear Igor,

I could'nt agree with you more.  In the owner's manual and in the 
introductory video, Audi asserts their justification for allowing Air 
Recirculation mode only when compressor is on during cooling.
But when I get stuck behind a wreck with terrible exhaust fume smell (you 
know the kind that smells so bad that only conceivable way it is allowed 
on the road is through bribing an emmission inspector), in my new 98 A4 I 
don't buy Audi's reasonings and I would wish I was driving my old Honda.  
Although it is not a big enough reason not to buy the car (even if you 
noticed it before buying), it is one of the major annoyances.


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> Thai Tjen wrote:
> > is this just my wife's car? or is this a software bug from audi?
> > or the climate-control designers just didn't get it?
> Same here. The rec icon refuses to come on with the heater ON. Sucks!
> Wish it had a manual flap like those found on Asian cars.