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RE: Yo, everyone, who are those Colorado drivers?

I learned my driving behavior in LA, with a healthy dose of common sense
from my Dad, an Air Force test pilot.  I can't speak for San Diegans,
per se, but as a whole, I rate CA drivers as better than average.  (I've
driven in Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Boston, Denver, and many other
areas.)  This includes the impatience and short fuse that most SoCal'ers
exhibit.  The saving grace is that they all seem to ultimately have the
idea of _getting_ somewhere in mind, and therefore won't toy with you
long before they're off.  The left lane bandits seem to be fewer or far
less persistent, or maybe it's just because there are generally more
lanes to filter through, at least in the urban areas.

I have driven in CO many times as long ago as 1984.  It sucked then
too...  left lane bandits running rampant.  I don't mean to
categorically criticise CO drivers as a whole, just saying that the
offending element has been present for a while.  Seems to me that the
behavior reconciles well with the conceivable characterization of a
typical long-time CO resident who may have long ago become comfortable
with the wide open spaces which allowed them the luxury of not paying
attention to traffic FLOW, and they may even resent the increase in
transplants who cause them to have to work harder to get around.  Their
offspring may have learned this from their parents, as habits, good or
bad, do tend to get passed along.  Of course this is not intended as a
blanket description of a CO native, just a possible alternative