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Re: Q's & chains

I had a similar experience a couple of years ago when I brought my urq home from purchasing it in California.  It is lowered with 8" wide Ronals and unrolled fenders so there was no way I was putting chains on the car!  To make matters worse, we had a bad snow storm and the car had bald Pirrelli P7's which are not M&S rated.  I locked the diffs. and did a similar demonstration and had no problems the rest of the way up I-5.

But the police could have prevented me from proceeding.  I felt lucky...

At 01:41 PM 1/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>Even if the manual says "no chains", I'd bet that won't help if there's a
>>trooper at the mountain pass saying "put them on or turn around".  Note
>>that 4wd/awd with M+S tires usually buys you an exemption to the chain rule
>>in Washington State, but California allegedly has a "chains required, all
>>vehicles" law for truly awful conditions (quoting a 4matic driver on the
>>Mercedes list.)
>I was crossing over Grants Pass one snowy eve and I had this very situation
>unfold.  I was driving my 4KQ (unmodified).  As I approached the pass there
>were signs posted that chains were required on all vehicles.  I continued on
>because I thought I was exempt.  I reached the chain up area and continued
>around all the vehicles that were stopped and putting on chains.  A police
>officer (standing by the side of the road) stopped me and told me chains were
>required.  I explained that the car was a four wheel drive and the car could
>not even accept chains.  He look at me suspiciously and told me I could
>proceed.  He took two steps back and glued his eyes to my tires.  Just to make
>a point I locked both diffs and stomped on it.  The road was covered with an
>inch of compact snow and ice, with just a light brushing of fresh snow.
>The last thing I saw was the officers dumfounded expression as the car
>launched itself away from him.