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Re: Transmission reliability?

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Phil Rose wrote:

> Audi appears to have stumbled when the tranny for '92 and '93 S4 was
> introduced. An extaordinary high percentage (on the order of 30% I believe,
> based on a survey of Registry members) of tranny problems (replacements)
> are reported for those models.

Wow, I wonder if that was a small niggling thing that was replaced on 
warranty (or _because_ it was on warranty) or whether it was catastrophic 

> As for the 200q, it also has the Audi reputation for "bulletproof"
> transmission. However my dear ol' '91 200q was recently an organ donor
> (tranny) for Rob Winchell's '91 200q. But that seems to be a pretty
> isolated occurance.

That's good to know.   It appears the S4 owners that had their trannys 
replaced are not on the list.   Or are they?  I don't recall hearing a 
peep about it on the list.   Usually that sort of thing gets discussed 
in great painstaking detail, with a few insults, barbarisms, and 
shady allegations thrown in for good measure.  :-)

Graydon D. Stuckey