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Re: Lock Freeze

> >You should try cleaning and lubing your trunk lock mechanism.  Clean
> >with WD-40 or whatever, lube with lithium I guess.  Any better ideas?
> The problem with the above two you mention is they will bring the gunk
> with the key -- which usually goes into the pocket. Not very convenient,
> but good solution on other placeses where messiness is not a concern.

In that case, shoot the cylinder with brake cleaner to flush it out. 
All *it* needs is a little graphite.  It's the rest of the mechanism
that needs the big clean and fresh lithium - the part inside the trunk.

Oh, and do it over some paper towels or a pan, so all the goop and gunk
doesn't wind up in the trunk all over your fine surfing or skiing
duds... (or your microfiche reader?)

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe