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Re: Lock Freeze

> It seems that the evaporating alcohol creates heat, which helps in freeing
> up lock parts. 

Wouldn't be that, it's an endothermic process.  Try it on your finger,
it feels cold.

> I guess it also disolves accumulated gunk in the lock.

More likely the alcohol dissolves in the water (ice) which is an
exothermic reaction - you're making a tiny amount of "antifreeze".  Do
you always carry a little isoprpyl with you when it's cold or do you
rely on Jim Beam?

> Tested upto -30F.  For lower temperatures, heat up your key with a
> lighter, insert into lock.  Tested upto -70F, unfortunatly...

Yow, well there's the tested and proven answer, folks...

Huw Powell