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Re: Lighting

At 10:26 PM -0500 1/13/98, Bruce wrote:

>I am a lighting idiot.  Your post was great info.
>Question:  Has anyone used any of the aftermarket Xenon lamps on the
>I have looked at the Hella's [price has come way down since new], and
>the PIAA small Xenon lights.  I like the size of the PIAA'a, dunno
>about the
>price.  Can anyone out there buy these lights wholesale?  Willing to
>you make a little money off of me here:)

Although I would like to get some HID lights for my car, the price is a
little high. Has anyone used the PIAA 1200 lights? I would like to know if
they will bother other drivers. I want lights to be used at night in clear
conditions to see farther down the road but which have a sharp cutoff so
they can be used in traffic. Fog lights do not illuminate down the road
like I want but most driving lamps are just auxillary high beams. The 1200
is a "touring" pattern. I don't know if this is what I need. These lights
are under $200 and the only thing stopping me is fear of blinding other
drivers and difficulty in mounting them to my car.

Installing extra lights on the A4 seems to be a little tricky. Looking at
the bumper, there isn't enough overhang to mount lights underneath. I am
considering cutting some of the horizontal plastic ribs from the opening
underneath the bumper (on either side of the license plate holder) and
mounting the lamps there. Has anyone done this or come up with a better
mounting option for the A4?

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