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Re: Yo, Thomas, about those Colorado drivers.

> > Sure, I spend a lot of time on empty roads at
> > night, too, my only justifaction for speed testing my favorite chicane
> > at night is "I can tell if someone else is coming" by their headlights,
> > but I'm still tempting fate.
> Not to start a flame war, but does your on-coming [insert large mammal
> here] have headlights? ;-)

Hey, no offense... This particular chicane is mostly bridges, no
driveways, so I feel slightly more secure from the deer issue.  Anyway,
it's on a different part of that same road that I practice
hitting/missing deer.  

Anyway, I gots one o'dem deer whistle thingies - I's safe ain't I, Jed?

Also,,, most of the deer on the road are seasonal (early spring/late
fall) and the road isn't good enough to go that fast those times of

Huw Powell