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Re: Transmission reliability?

 # I didn't think that any Audi except the autobox cars had any reliability 
 # problems with the trannys.
 # I don't recall anyone here ever needing to repair one or replace one, 
 # even with the high hp cars running around.   My 5KCSTQ has almost 200,000 
 # miles, and still shifts slicker than a greased pig at slaughter time
... I've got an '88 5kCSQW with ~130K that has lost the synchros for 2nd 
gear.  I've heard from others that this is not that uncommon of an occur-
rence ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

with a collection of 4kq, urq and 5kq trannies/diffs building up in 
the garage ... :)