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Re: airbox mods

     >How to prevent water from entering ram air<
     I had the following system installed, until I hit a snowbank and bent 
     it up:
     Cut an opening on the airbox (Dremel works well) and attach 6" 
     flexible metal ducting (Home Depot), not the foil type as it will 
     collapse under vacuum.  Run the ducting down to an opening in the 
     front spoiler.  For water protection I used a spring valve (Home 
     Depot), which I epoxied into the flexible ducting.  
     If the end of the duct gets immersed in water (worst case), the vacuum 
     created in the duct will open the spring valve to the underhood air.  
     Thus, enough vacuum can never be generated to suck water up, but 
     otherwise the intake air comes from the relatively cool front of the 
     I had to put some steel mesh (Home Depot gutter screen) over the end 
     of the duct because I was sucking all sorts of leaves and junk into 
     the airbox.  So, plan to clean the airbox periodically of dirt which 
     escapes the screen.
     I would also recommend, though I didn't do it, that you insulate the 
     airbox and ducting with something to reduce heat soak from the 
     underhood heat.  The foil covered fiberglass pads available at places 
     like RacersWholesale would work well.
     Ian (Boston area)