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Re: used car prices

In a message dated 1/14/98 "Dave" <mhauk@ccsdana.net> writes:

<< Over the past few days I sat in utter shock over the fact that people would
and still do consider paying $18-30,000 for a used (wrecked) Audi. >>
<snippage> << Are we forgetting that for $2-3K more you can walk out of the
local pokeship. . .I mean dealership. . . with a loaded 2.8 or 1.8t A4Q?
Granted the S4-S6 was and
is a great car, however, no used Audi is worthty of new car pricing. >>

<remainder of post snipped>

Yes, the prices you state are a bit optimistic...buuuuut. One must look at the
overall value. I would much prefer a 91 200q or S4 or S6 to an A4 though I am
going to wait for the prices on those versions to fall a lot more before I
bite. The most expensive used car I ever bought was in 1990 and it was an 87
5kcstqwagon with just over 19k miles which I paid (gasp) 19k$ for. Back then
that was about half what virtualy the same Audi cost new (200tq wagons were
going for almost 40k$ new back then). Thank you depreceation :). It is very
hard to compare a used larger and rarer model quattro with a new smaller
model, especially if one requires the extra room. A more fair comparison would
be with the A8 or (if we ever get them here) S version of the A6 or A4. In
that case I think you would then be comparing a used car in the 20k$ range (or
under) with cars costing upwards of 40k$ or more...

Your point though is well taken...some of the used Audi asking prices of late
are truly astronomical. OTOH, the 91 200q for $7500.00 that was posted
recently may be an interesting find...and if it was I can assure you it's gone
now ;-).

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (cost me less than a $ per pound :)...)