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Re: Habit Reinforcement

Al Powell wrote:

> Huw, I agree.  I also think there's a very good, but generally
> overlooked, reason to use turn signals even if you're totally alone
> in the middle of the night: you're training your own reflexes.  If I
> change lanes three times in three miles in the middle of the night on
> a desolate TX highway, I will use my signals each time.  Why?  I have
> trained myself to *always* use the turn signals before every lane
> change and before every turn.  Do this long enough, and it takes an
> act of will *not* to use your turn signals. Doesn't matter whether or
> not there's anyone around to see them.
> Yeah, I may be (?) a nut!

No, you're not, Al. Or if you are, you are not alone :)

There's either a considerate and sivilised behaviour or a lack thereof,
both are essentially by-products of one's cultural upbringing:

- one either ALWAYS turns the signals on when changing lanes or ONLY
when somebody sees him,

- one either ALWAYS washes hands after using a bathroom or ONLY when he
has house guests for dinner,

- a male either ALWAYS takes his hat off indoors or sits at the table
with the hat on(!) if the dinner is not formal (this seems to be rather
common in America and drives me absolutely NUTS. Unthinkable in Europe)


Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ
Philadelphia, PA