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Re: 86 CGT Transmission Oil

Jeffrey A Blanchard wrote:

> Hi fellow Qlisters,
> I recently replaced the transmission oil in my 1986 Coupe GT with
> Valvoline Dura-Blend (synthetic blend) 80W90 which has a GL5 rating, but
> is recommended for GL4/GL5 applications (according to their homepage).  My
> Bently specifies 80W90 oil, GL4.  I don't know much about gear oil
> ratings, etc. but it seems to me that I picked the right stuff.

The school of thought is never use a GL5 any thing in aGL4 spec.
transmission. Any thing thats GL5 is too corrosive.

> The car shifts fine when warm, but it now shifts terrible when cold.
> There is always some grinding between gears unless I shift really slowly.
> I don't remember this happening before I changed the transmission oil.
> Any suggestions?  If it continues, I plan to switch to Redline oil since
> it is spoken of very highly.  Which type should I use?

I use Redline MT-90. Thats a 75W-90 GL4 synthetic oil.