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Re: lurking

MSV96 wrote:
> Hi Trish,
...I'm anxious to hear how your boys (and Ray's) racing efforts are
> going too. Come on, be a proud mama and share ;-)

The boys went up to upstate NY (Rochester area) and did the first of teh
NEDIV rally series for SCCA.  Since Raymond's navigator couldn't make
it...Dad navigated.  (Oh, sure, a road racer navigating...)....well,
they missed an entire leg....but got 1's on the one prior and
after...then....did fairly well and managed to finish 10th of 16 in
class.  Stephen and his navigator did quite well in the same class
finishing 6th of 16.  They did not do this rally in the novice class,
therefore found it harder....but, considering they are new at
this....they did quite well.  And the Audi's came back in one piece. 
This rally was held 4 days after the 30" snowfall at New Years.....by
the time of the rally all the snow was gone and it was pure mud....the
cars are still dropping mud pieces.....

Next trip is a ski trip to the Laurentians to Mt. Tremblant this
weekend.  One Q, one Toyota, and one 5000 wagon FWD.....should be a fun
trip through the Canadian ice wasteland to the awesome ski area.  Will
let you know about that one.......

Take care.