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Re: Hyd. pump V-belt adjustment (91 200Q)


    I use a 3/8" drive wobble extension to get in from the back. The wobble
bar slides in through all the paraphenalia and allows the socket to line up
on the bolt.

Fred Munro

'91 200q  245k km
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From: Rob Winchell <rbw@avs.com>
To: Quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Tuesday, January 13, 1998 5:01 PM
Subject: Hyd. pump V-belt adjustment (91 200Q)

>Could someone tell me how to accomplish this feat? The Bentley procedure
>seems simple enough:
>1) Loosen bolt A
>2) Adjust bolt B
>3) Tighten bolt A
>Problem is, I see NO way of getting at bolt A without dismantling tons of
>other stuff. I hope I am missing something here. If anyone has BTDT, I'd
>like to hear about it.
>Rob Winchell
>91 200Q
>87 4kCS