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clocks cleaned after Boston area meeting

Awww, poor Sean's gonna have to go get himself a turbo now that he just got
his clock cleaned by two overzealous turbos on the way home from the Boston
Q-tails meeting :)

Sean, who was the other guy in the 100?  Someone random, someone at the
meeting, or what?  Weird.

(BTW, this does have a real purpose; I can't seem to get email directly to
Sean's address; Sendmail doesn't like his address at _all_.  Says something
about a "Data Format Error" (?)

So, Sean, send me a message privately.  I need to figure out what's up with
your address, 'cause I don't have this problem with anyone else's email
addresses.  I think it might be the "_"'s in your address.  If anyone else
has had problems sending mail to Sean, I'm sure he would appreciate hearing
about it...


Brett Dikeman
Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt.  Qui annus est?
Te audire non possum.  Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.
Ita, scio hunc 'sig file' veterem fieri.