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Interior color code

Fellow listers,
Back in October my '92 100S was vandalized, and the leather was torn up pretty
badly on the front two seats. I have been activately searching for a new set
of front seats for my car. My leather is a dark tan color, and is code HD. Are
there two shades of tan leather (a light tan and a dark tan) used by Audi? I
thought my interior was called Ecru, but I think I may be wrong. A fellow
lister located a set of tan front seats out of a '93 100CSQ. The car had been
rear-ended, so the sticker with the interior code was gone. But he said one of
the floor mats had an Ecru sticker on them, and the mats matched the leather
exactly. Upon receiving a small sample of the leather, it was way too light.
So here's my question. Did Audi change the color of Ecru leather between the
'92 and '93 model year? If they didn't, does anyone know the name of this
darker tan interior (HD). TIA.

'92 100S (68k)