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Re: SP8000s and snow

>SP8000s and snow are a *bad* idea. I run SP8000s on my street/stock autocross
>911. Our autocross practice last year coincided with a local snow storm. The
>SP8000s were iffy on the drive there(left home in the clear, the weather got
>progressively worse the closer I got to the site), and all I learned about in
>the practice(conducted in ~2" of snow/slush/ice) was how to try and recover
>from spins. However in wet/dry(summer) applications, the SP8000s is a great
>street/non R compound autoX tire(for those of us who can't really justify one
>*more* set of rims in the garage, especially since I'd have to take a second
>car to the track to carry the race tires, and man, how those 7x16/8x16 P-car
>rims cost, and...).

On our Thanksgiving trip to Santa Cruz, California, we detoured to the
Sequoia National Park on the way home only to find snow above the 6000'
level.  I have SP8000s on my Ur-Q (235/40-17 front, 215/45017 rear) and it
was a handful to control in the snow.  On the positive side, though, I got
to do my imitation of a PRO Rally driver and do pendulum turns in 2nd and
3rd gear all the way up the hill ... unfortunately, I was chicken to attempt
them back down the hill two hours later.  Didn't find any place that was
flat enough that I could do any AWD donuts, either...  :^(

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