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A while back, I was turning left, shifting gears, and talking on the cell
phone (I know, Iknow), all at once and through the use of higher math I
realized I did not have enough hands to get this done, so I decided I wanted
a V8 quattro. I drove a 3.6 but I didn't think it was fast enough. Then I
went to Prestige in Denver and drove a beutiful black on black '93 V8 with
the 4.2 liter. It was better, but I wasn't totally fired up. Then I stepped
right out of the V8 and into a '93 S4 (warning, big mistake if you think you
really want the V8) and I knew in about 2 minutes that I had to have the S4,
the feeling of the small of your back being pushed into the generously
bolstered sports seat did it for me. The gravy is that I solved the "not
enough hands" problem with the integrated hands free cell phone.

I am kicking around an A4 Avant w/ sports package for the wife. At the same
time though I can pick up an older V8 slap on an aftermarket turbo sytem,
upgrade the brakes and suspension and still have a few $$$ left over. Does
anyone know if V8's came with sports seats??



Now I know I'm gonna draw some jeers here, but these things are big luxo
cruisers.  I know that most
owners on this list know enough about them to make great mods and
_sporten_ their standings.  But nevertheless, they are large,quiet,
comfy inside and we all know...that they're FAS (Fast As S---!!!)
That said, I want one....but I will wait for the prices to be a
little more to my liking.