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RE: lock freeze

Could you please try it and let us know.......TIA
The old antifreeze I remember is Kerosene..... is that the smell?...

At 04:21 PM 1/14/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>Remember the old "temporary antifreeze" of many years ago (sure you do
>>Bart, you old *art like me :-)?  It lowered the freezing point but tended
>>to boil off when the engine got good and hot.  This is essentially what you
>>are making when the rubbing alcohol is added to the water ice.
>>Your trick will work, but not for the reason given.
>>   Bob
>I was down at the local Pep Boys last night buying wheel spacers,
>(but that's another story) and saw a container of magic anti-freeze
>that was supposed to lower your coolant system temperature by 40 
>degrees.  It was called sub-zero, or fourty below, or something like 
>that.  I opened the lid and took a wiff.  Sure enough it had a very
>strong and familiar solvent smell.  I couldn't quite place it, but
>I'll bet they are up to thier old tricks agian.  I though Bob, alt
>the least would be interested.
>Paul Timmerman