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Re: '91 200 and '92 S4 trannies

ScottyCBoy decided to speak these words:

>The Audi 200Q 20V Q gearbox is a slightly modified version of Audi's Standard
>016 Quattro Gearbox.  This box is also similar to the Audi V8 Quattro's 5 dps
>gearbox.  The Audi S4/S6 uses a newer 01E gearbox, which shares several
>internal parts from the 016.  The S4's O1E is very similar to Porsche's 968
>six speed gearbox, with on less gear and one more output shaft...

OK...so, the 944 is an Audi...so says the Audi File...that is why the 016 
feels so much like a 944 in shifting...arent the two almost identical?  
So, does that mean that Audi does the tranny for the 928 too?  Cause they 
do the boxter as well...

Michael Sheridan Williams

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