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center bearing part #

> Does anyone know if the center support bearing has a
> part number? If so what is it? 
> Justin
> 85 4kq
<<First answer has to be check the archives.  It's in there, really.

Second, it is a BMW part and will run you ~$30-$40.

Good luck hunting.

Stott Hare>>

     Actually, you can't find the info if you look for it directly, but if
you're lucky you'll bump into while looking for something else.  At least
that's what happened for me.  The part number is 26 12 1 209 532.  Just hope I
wrote it down correctly.  I've been meaning to order one for weeks, but I
leave the note at the house each time I head out to work.  
     Justin, if you get one, let me know if it works.

     Still Confused in Bucksnort.