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Re: Airbox Mod

>All right, all this airbox talk has got me thinking about something I
>recall from a while back (on the list I think)... I run a Turbo in the
>desert (as does Audidudi) so I thought an airbox mod of the common type
>would do little good (except perhaps on winter nights). The idea of
>getting cool air to the box seems sound. I thought perhaps a NACA style
>duct within the character line on a 5ktq/200 hood would do nicely... but
>then I reasoned: With CIS, on a long downhill, throttle closed, wouldn't
>this blow the metering flap to full rich (thus cooking the cat and
>blackening the exhaust, I'd think) when no fuel was actually required? Or
>does the decel fuel cutoff handle this eventuality?

The key is simply making cold air available to the engine and not ramming it
in ... also, getting hot air out of the engine compartment will accomplish
very nearly the same thing and is probably easier to achieve.  I've been
keeping my eye out for a wrecked Z34 Chevy Lumina since the hood vents Chevy
used look very nearly ideal for this purpose ... and as proof that great
minds think alike, Todd Candey has incorporated a recess that is designed to
use this vent into his carbon-fiber replacement hood for the Type 44 cars.
Unfortunately, hiding stuff from my girlfriend is much easier when it's done
*under* the hood than on the hood so I won't be buying one of these any time

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