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Walter Rohl + Audi at Coronet Peak hillclimb ??

Whilst in NZ recently, on of all things a mountain bike holiday, Walter
Rohl anounced something to the effect that Audi would be providing him a
hybrid of some sorts, to compete in the April Queenstown Coronet Peak
Hillclimb.  Up untill this year, this event has been a smallish club
event that has been developing a big following.  Well it finally went
ballistic this year with a 3 day event planned - April 10,11 for the
eliminations and the 13th for the finals - the 12th is set aside for a
big air show held down there every year ( Warbirds over Wanaka ).

Epected entries will include a big effort from Subaru who sell BIG time
in the South Island and who have a habit of cleaning up on the Rally Of
NZ.  Mitsubishi's main man from Japan was spotted around Queenstown

Not quite Pikes peak but a 13Km Tarmac Hill climb that is used in winter
as a ski field access rd and the same rd gets you into "skippers Canyon"
where if your brave ( stupid ) enough you can bungy the 229Ft (71M)
Skippers Canyon Bridge http://nz.com/AJHackett_Bungy/ajqtown.htm.

Keep ya posted...

Andrew Asher - 85URq (headless)
Andrew.Asher@mail.com ( personal )
http://members.tripod.com/~andash ( personal )