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Audi with cold start problems

-- Hello!
I have been surfing around looking for Audi  sites. You see I have a 
problem with my cold-start valve on my Audi 100 cc(year of make:82)
Itīs hard to start when the cold-start is conected, and when itīs realy
cold (-20 c) I have to "warm" the engine up before it runs. Itīs fiers up.
Then dies. Then it fiers up again. Then I have to knock gently on 
the injectors. and so on. After a while it starts or my battery is dead.
If my cold-start were functioning this wodnīt happen. Or is somthing wrong
with my injectors as well. I asked this question on the Quattro-list
before, and one reply I got said that the engine should start 
without throttle even if the temprature is below -20 c. Is this correct? 
(my dadīs brand new Honda is like that. No throttle).But that car has
electronic fuel injection. My car has k-jetronic,and this is mecanical. Right?
Should the same apply for k-jetronic?, or is my fuel-injection broken?
When the cold- start is unplugged the motor is relativly easy to start if I
gently phuses the Throttle. (I have not tried disconecting the cold-start
in the winter yet, so I dont now if it will start when itīs 
below 0.

I hope you can help me, or give me some links tho people on the net I 
can discuss my problem with.


------------------------------------------------------------Svein Frisvoll
Svein Frisvoll