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Re: Airbox Mods

> The Feb 98 issue of European Car has an article on airbox mods (tested
> on a VW with the VR6 engine). The article compared the stock setup to
> an underhood low-restriction filter with and without the "AirBath"
> system to duct cooler air into the filter. The key point of the
> article was that unless you can increase the supply of cool air to the
> system, the switch to a low-restriction filter will cost you power
> (but gain you some intake noise).

Well, in this damn town I'm in noise=speed! :)

I understand the low-restriction filter will allow more air through.
Most people do the ducting from the lower front grill/bumper on their
Audi cars. I suggested something I saw on a bloody-fast Nissan Sabre
turbo car where the hood had a slotted grill which collected
air straight into the airbox/filter on the car. It basically sucks air
going over the hood. Someone on the list mentioned ramming air into
the system is not better than getting cooler air into the system (or
at least I understand it that way, perhaps I misread). I idea of putting
the vent on the hood is that will also suck cool air, right? Same as
putting it on the lower front bumper, except that when fitting it to
the hood there won't be much ducting that will have to pass by the
hot motor-block and run the risk of being heated.

So what is the best way to get cooler air and more air into the I5 Audi
motors? Bumper mount? Hood mount? Stock mount, but with ducting
directing air to the region of the air inlet? (ie. pipes from the
bumper or elsewhere running to the region of the air inlet, but not
connected to the air inlet).

Also, better to get the other hot air out of the system right? Which
could include cutting the hood to fit porting vents, but that will
give away the stealth factor of the factor. :) Then again I guess
the putting an intake vent on the hood to feed the airbox will give
away the  stealth look anyway! That's it! I'm taking off the hood!
Better cooling, better breathing! Aerodynamics, shmaerodynamics! :)

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