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toasted (gear) syncros

Hi Steve, others,

> .... I've got an '88 5kCSQW with ~130K that has lost the synchros for 2nd
> gear.  I've heard from others that this is not that uncommon of an occur-
> rence ...

I don't know if the problems are related, but the 915 tranny in '89 and
earlier 911s has very tender syncros.  One sure way to toast them is to use
the tranny for braking.  The PO did so with my '86, and I bought it with
toasted syncros at 10,600 miles.  Nearly all 911s of that vintage have this

BTW, besides giving the folks who prefer downshifting to braking with
*brakes*, there's an easy and cheap solution to the toasted syncros problem.

*Double-clutch* on your *Up-shifts.*  Shift to neutral, let clutch out,
then re-engage it and complete the shift to the next higher gear .  Works
like a charm, no more GARUNCH...