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Re: Help : suspension "clang" on UrQ

From: "Dale Wheeler" <Dale.Wheeler@vacgen.com>
>When turning from full-lock to full-lock on my 1984 UrQ the front 
>on one side gives out a loud bang/clanging noise similar to that if the 
>had been struck with a piece of wood.
>What I think is happening is that the spring end(s) are slipping reound on
>the metal "saucers" at either end.  Are they supposed to do this ?, i 
thought the
>steering "twist" was taken up by the rubber mount or something ????

I had that on my 80q when I bought it.  The owner told me that it was the 
spring shifting in the mounting.  I thought it was a CV joint (the boot was 
ripped).  I replaced the CV joint - no change.  I brought it to a garage who 
replaced the strut bearing - no change.  I didn't know what to do next (I 
wasn't on the q-list then) and I couldn't afford to give it to a garage 
again, so I drove the car for a year like this with the ocassional clang 
from the front suspension.  One day I got a loud bang from the front 
suspension when I drove over a sleeping policeman (speed bump for the 
benefit of US readers).  I bought new springs and when I dismantled the 
front struts, I found BOTH springs were broken within one turn of the end. 
 Not surprisingly, the clangs went away after that.

If you are willing to spend money on it, I can recommend replacing the 
wishbone (A-arm) bushes, anti-toll bar (sway bar) bushes, and rear diff 
mountings (assuming they are of a similar design to the 80q.  Boge Turbo 
Gass shocks are quite nice too.  I think I paid about GBP600 for new springs 
(Pi), shocks (Boge TG) and assorted bushes (VAG) about two years ago.  I 
installed all the equipment myself and even built gauges to check tracking 
and camber.  The car's handling  was transformed and tyre wear slowed down 
dramatically and became even over the whole tyre width.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant