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RE: A4 climate control gripes

My car will do the same thing.  Last time I was behind a smelly trunk
and I just did the same thing to turn on the recirc.  I think Canadian
model allow you to do that.

97 1.8TQM
From: Tom Haapanen
To: 'Chris Newbold'; Josh Pinkert
Cc: 'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'; 'a4gt@metrics.com'
Subject: RE: A4 climate control gripes
Date: January 15, 1998 5:47AM

Yesterday as I drove home from work, outside temperature was -10C (~
+14F).  I had the system on full "auto" (hit the oversize "Auto" button)
with the temperature target set to +21C.  And, no, A/C refuses to go on
at this temperature.

I then hit the recirc button -- and the recirculation indicator came
(and stayed) on.  I could also hear the difference, so I'm quite certain
it actually did go into recirc mode -- though I didn't have a skunk to
test with!  Oh, took off the recirc after about two minutes to get some
fresh air.  :-)

And if it's not a '97 vs '98 thing, could Canadian models be different?

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> Sent:	Wednesday, January 14, 1998 11:34
> To:	Josh Pinkert
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> Subject:	Re: A4 climate control gripes
> > At 10:05 PM 1/13/98 -0500, Tom Haapanen wrote:
> >> My A4 allows me to turn on recirc even when the heater is on (which
> >> it is pretty much all the time right now!).  Could this be a change
> >> from '97 to '98?
> Josh Pinkert wrote:
> > Hmm...my '98 doesn't allow me to do this.  I wish, though :D
> Recirculation *is not* disabled by the heater; it *is* disabled when
> the
> A/C compressor is not running. So, if it's warm enough outside ( > ~35
> deg. F) for the A/C compressor to run, but for the heat to be on
> inside, you *can* engage recirculation.
> Once the outside temp. drops low enough that the compressor is shut
> off,
> then recirculation is disabled.
> [...]
> -Chris
> 1993 90CS 63k